Zotto Info

Zotto Rules

The Zuckerbucks Zotto will be drawn every two weeks on the Monday. So far, it is planned to last the duration of the summer while receiving enough interest, may continue throughout the fall and spring!

Tickets originally 10 Zuckerbucks each, and reducing in price as you buy more, have recently been reduced.

Original Cost                                            New Cost
1 Ticket = 10 Zuckerbucks                     1 Ticket = 5 Zuckerbucks
3 Tickets = 20 Zuckerbucks                   5 Tickets = 20 Zuckerbucks
5 Tickets = 30 Zuckerbucks                   10 Tickets = 30 Zuckerbucks
10 Tickets = 50 Zuckerbucks

Send Zuckerbucks to ID=677370430. When Zuckerbucks have been received, you will be sent a confirmation message.

Posted on the ZOTTO website will be how many tickets sold and the updated size of the pot available to win. If you decided to purchase more tickets later, you may.

Zotto Give-Aways...
Monday, July 30th
Monday, August 13th
Monday, August 27th

Format of the Zotto changes each round. Stay posted for updates


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