Click to add FB Lottery - an application in Facebook that rewards zuckerbucks as well as real cash. I did not make this application.


Win big in JACKPOT Zuckerbucks Lottery.

FIRST, ORIGINAL, HONEST Zuckerbucks Lottery

 Contribute to the growing pot of money. The more entries, the bigger the prize! Win weekly. Many will enter, one (1) will win each week.


Join the Zuckerbucks JACKPOT group on Facebook!


JACKPOT Official Rules and Information.

1. 25 zbucks to enter. Send it to user ID= 640072000. Please include the message "JACKPOT ENTRY" and your USER ID # (Very important)

2. Once I recieve your entry, I will send you a confirmation message saying I recieved it.

3. I will post the entry deadline on RECENT NEWS.

4. The amount of JACKPOT to win depends on the amount of people who enters. For example, if 10 people enters, each person contributing 25 zbucks, then the grand prize will be 250 zbucks. The more entries the bigger the JACKPOT.

5. You may enter as many times as you desire.

6. Winners will be posted in the RECENT NEWS.

7. Tell all your friends about JACKPOT. It's no fun with only 1 entry.

8. Enter now. Send your entries to user ID = 640072000

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