Welcome to Zucker-Mart. Zucker-Mart was made specially for Zuckerbucks on Facebook. Zuckerbucks is a Facebook Currency.

Got spare Zuckerbucks? Spend your Zuckerbucks here. Buy siggies, e-cards, wallpapers and much more with your Zuckerbucks. Before you leave, don't forget to sign my guestbook and tell me what you think about my site. Enjoy.

Don't have Zuckerbucks yet? Sign in/register in www.facebook.com. Then click on this link http://apps.facebook.com/zuckerbucks/refer.aspx?RefUserId=640072000 to sign up for Zuckerbucks. Free to join and you get 100 Zuckerbucks to start with!




So Facebook gave me a scare by disabling my account. I thought I did something totally horrible like say a cuss word and not know it. It turns out, it was "my name" issue. I was on the verge of virtual depression and experienced zuckerbucks bankruptcy. I was depressed, but only for a day. They e-mailed me and they said they'll reactivate my account if I provide them with accurate information. How does Facebook know my real name isn't Cyrene Que? Somebody snitched...Anyways, store is open again.


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Added Zotto link.


Added Blinkies, Animated Avatars, and JACKPOT lottery.


Re-Grand Opening



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Adam Loving - the guru who made Zuckerbucks.


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Mark Zuckerberg - the father of Facebook.

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